Jiva Jam

Jiva Jam

A yoga retreat with the animals at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. Yoga, music, workshops, vegan food, nature, farm animals, and more!

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Jiva Jam will be held on the beautiful property of the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

A cool video of the property edited from aerial drone footage

Woodstock Sanctuary High Falls Aerial view
This summer Woodstock Farm Sanctuary is moving to a new 150-acre location in High Falls, NY. The land has been a summer camp since the 1960s, and has the infrastructure for accommodating dozens of guests overnight. There is a dining hall that can fit over 100 people, with an industrial kitchen where our vegan meals will be prepared. There are several lodges with bedrooms and showers, as well as small kitchens and common rooms. There is a creek and trails and beautiful nature all around, which should be experiencing peak fall foliage. And most importantly, there is a lot of room for all the farm animals to forage & frolic.

For the latest updates on the new property, visit the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary website.