Jiva Jam

Jiva Jam

A yoga retreat with the animals at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. Yoga, music, workshops, vegan food, nature, farm animals, and more!

Yoga | Yoga 4 Everyone w/Kendra Renzoni

The Standing Poses: Confidence, Strength and Grounding

By connecting to the strength, support, and solidity of the earth, one can build a foundation that can ease anxiety, and stress and create feelings of confidence, abundance, security, and safety. In this workshop we will learn the standing poses, which are the foundational poses of the entire yoga asana practice. They teach you how to connect to the earth and draw energy up through your feet and legs and into the rest of your body.

Grounding means touching the the ground, really touching it. When the natural expression of the earth rises up through the body we are strong, in touch with our purpose, confident, and we can grow, just as a tree grows taller by first extending it’s roots into the earth. Through the standing poses, you rediscover the true nature of your legs both as roots and as movers. These poses help you align your feet and legs in relationship to your pelvis and spine which is fundamental to integrating your entire body. We will focus on how to use your legs and feet to connect to the feeling of being grounded and you may even find your leg bones situating differently in your pelvis!