Jiva Jam

Jiva Jam

A yoga retreat with the animals at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. Yoga, music, workshops, vegan food, nature, farm animals, and more!

Wokshop | Cymatics & Binaural Beats

Our 90-minute workshop includes an introduction to cymatics – the study of wave phenomena, and a therapeutic sound modality where sound waves are directed towards the body with healthful intentions.

During the workshop we share our personal journey with cymatics, from single tones to multi-tone relationships as well as various cosmological connections. Topics of vibration, frequency, and energy are discussed at length, including research and theory from Tesla, Jenny, Schauberger, and Leedskalnin.

Binaural Beat Brothers create meditative and moving soundscapes with binaural beat rhythms, gongs, didgeridoos, and intentional frequencies of cosmic origin.