Jiva Jam

Jiva Jam

A yoga retreat with the animals at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. Yoga, music, workshops, vegan food, nature, farm animals, and more!

Our Presenters

Introducing the yoga teachers, musicians, DJ’s, presenters, and other superstars that make Jiva Jam happen!

Jiva Jam yoga teachers, musicians, dj's and presenters

Adam Barnard :

Adam Barnard

Adam works as a gardener and herbalist in western Massachusetts. He is the founder of Bajrang Herbal Tea, a small company offering nutrient dense and delicious caffeine-free herbal teas. Adam has been passionately formulating superfood tisanes for over ten years. He is fascinated by people, plants, music, sacred geometry and the power of intention. Adam continues to synergize the teachings of yoga, herbalism, nutrition and nature to cultivate personal holistic health.

"Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the entire cosmos."
-Thich Nhat Hanh

Binaural Beat Brothers :

Binaural Beat Brothers

Binaural Beat Brothers create meditative and moving soundscapes with binaural beat rhythms, gongs, didgeridoos... using multi-binaural Fibonacci frequency phrasing with frequencies of ancient and cosmic origin. Chris Sturk works with therapeutic sound throughout New England. Residing in the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts, he provides sound for meditation and yoga. Casey Ray  is a mathematical, acoustical cosmonaut surfing ethereal waves harmonic with a passion to communicate concepts of Sacred Geometry, Science, Music, and Souls.

Jason Gerace :

Jason Gerace

A truth-bearer, visionary, peace advocate, and devotee to the Higher Purpose, Jason demonstrates these guiding leadership qualities through his inspiring teachings to the local community and abroad. An intuitive healer, people who know Jason say to be in his presence is to experience light, laughter and love. Combining the essence of Eastern philosophy with his dedication to promoting foods that nourish vibrant health, Jason offers Therapeutic Qigong, Tui Na Bodywork and Health Coaching.

Jamie Tancredi :

Jamie Tancredi

Jamie Tancredi has devoted her life to self study through play and the creative process. She lives, breathes and teaches from her connection to the Divine, moving through her path and practice as an artistic tribute to beauty and triumph. She believes that grace is the nectar that pours forth when we live a life in alignment with truth, appreciation, presence, patience and love. She believes in the innate wisdom of the body, the endurance of the heart and the potency of the breath. She fearlessly embraces every moment as opportunity to learn and grow and it is from the fabric of her own unfolding and exploration that she teaches. Her classes serve as constant reminder of our intricate connection to the Divine force that flows through all things and the importance of living a life of compassion and gratitude. With a focus on alignment she weaves her way through the body creating space for discovering ones truths while being playful and balancing strength and control with surrender and trust.

Jamie has a 500 hour certificate from Karuna Center of the Healing Arts. She has studied with some of the worlds leading yoga luminaries such as Ramanad Patal, Manouso Manos, H.S. Arun, Kevin Gardner, Carrie Oreko, Rodney Yee, Dharma Mittra, Mark Whitwell, Saul David Ray and Shiva Rea. She has a private practice in Northampton, Massachusetts where she offers private yoga classes, Thai Yoga Massage and Certification. She is also a Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Practitioner, Detox Specialist, Garden Chef and Self-Care Coach.  She views her work as a blessing and is grateful for the opportunity to assist others in restoring well-being, connect back to their inner vibrancy and living a life that resonates with love.

“All true art must help the soul to realize its inner self.” Gandhi


Jenny Brown :

Jenny Brown

Jenny Brown is the co-founder of Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, along with her husband Doug Abel.

Jenny has been an animal advocate since the age of 18. Since the early 90’s, Jenny would occasionally volunteer her time working undercover as a videographer for several animal advocacy organizations. After her last week-long trip undercover visiting stockyards in Texas to film farmed animal abuse, she decided to give up her TV career and dedicate her life helping farmed animals and raising awareness of their plight. She moved to Watkins Glen, NY, to live and work at Farm Sanctuary and learn all she could about shelter operations and animal care. It was that essential experience that gave Jenny the confidence to open up a sanctuary of her own.

Jessica Smith :

Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith is experienced in agriculture, medicinal and culinary food skills since being raised on a homestead in upstate NY and and through out her travels around the world, coming into close contact with different food cultures, systems, and schools of thought.

"The food that we take into the body is medicine and sacrament. The philosophy that we are one with our food is the Yoga of Eating. I have humbly been on the path of Yoga for most of my life and look forward to sharing how Yoga can heal the body, the digestive system, and our relationship with what eat and how we eat, drink, and breath. Food is a mind, body, and experience."


John Smirtc :

John Smirtc

John Smrtic, JD, E-RYT, is an Advanced Certified Jivamukti Teacher based in Albany, New York. He has spent nearly 1,000 hours studying directly with his teachers and Jivamukti Yoga creators, Sharon Gannon and David Life, in addition to diving deep into bhakti (devotional yoga) with living masters. Utilizing these teachings and traditional yogic scripture as a foundation, John blends wit, groovy music and challenging, intelligently sequenced asana from a vinyasa format, to make each class a lively and unique opportunity for deep spiritual investigation. His approach supports his belief that a single yoga class holds the potential to be an actual experience, where devotion, compassion, expansion and revolution can naturally unfold.

John is at the cutting edge of incorporating live music into ecstatic class experiences, working intimately with some of the best musicians, kirtan artists and beat makers in the world. He has crafted a unique series of Jivamukti-based extended format classes and workshops which are road tested and in demand. John shares his passion for yoga around the globe including mentoring at the acclaimed Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training program and leading exciting annual international yoga retreats and pilgrimages with more to come in the future.

Find Your Groove. www.bhaktigrooveyoga.com

Julie Kirkpatrick :

Julie Kirkpatrick

As David Life's sister, Julie has been practicing the Jivamukti method since he and Sharon Gannon started teaching yoga in 1986. She completed her 300 hr. training in 2003, and her 800 hr. training in 2004, and earned her Advanced Teacher certification in 2005. Her association with Jivamukti Yoga has allowed her to teach abroad in Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Spain, Turkey, and Canada, as well as in the United States in New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Michigan, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Ohio.

Kendra Renzoni :

Kendra Renzoni

Kendra Renzoni began teaching yoga in 2005. She holds a 200-hour certification in Vinyasa Yoga as well as an additional 500-Hour certification from Eileen Muir who teaches in the Iyengar tradition.   Kendra has studied with many Iyengar teachers such as Manouso Manos, Carrie Owerko, Kevin Gardiner, Lara Brunn, Bobby Clennel, and she has also studied with Rodney Yee.

Her teaching is bright, joyous, disciplined, layered, and detailed. While her teaching is highly focused on alignment, she also weaves the philosophy of yoga into the postures to facilitate students into finding greater ease emotionally and physically in class and in their lives. Her assists guide students on the bone, muscle, skin, and emotional level. She has had enormous benefit from the practice of Iyengar yoga with depression, anxiety, fatigue, and multiple injuries over the years.  Her relationship and understanding of emotional and physical pain has completely transformed through yoga and her teaching is highly influenced by the knowledge and skill she has gained from working through these experiences. Kendra is also a meditator and an artist, regularly creating large paintings and sculptures.

Megan Shackelford Burns :

Megan Shackelford Burns

Megan brings 23 years of experience preparing and cooking plant based cuisine (including owning and operating a vegan bakery for 7 years) with a strong focus on international and living foods.

"Food is medicine. Whole foods are healing to our physical, mental and spiritual well- being. As we gain more knowledge on plant based and living foods, we unlock the mysteries of imbalance that keep us from feeling like the fully alive, energetic, radiant beings that we are meant to be! When we truly connect with our food, we reconnect with our natural selves."

Miko Shackelford Burns :

Miko Shackelford Burns

Professional freelance film and television cameraman Miko Shackelford Burns has travelled the world creating images for the world market since 1987.

Miko has worked with MyYogaOnline (Gaiam TV) filming numerous in studio and location sessions over the past 4 years and had the good fortune to travel with them to Vermont for Wanderlust Yoga and Music Festival in the summer of 2012 and to Shaktifest in Joshua Tree , California for 2013.

As a result of this work, and with much gratitude, Miko has greatly improved the quality of his life by integrating many aspects of the yogic lifestyle into his own.


Nora Heilmann :

Nora Heilmann

Nora is an Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher and loves to share the magical art of yoga, a transformational practice that extends into all aspects of life. Her classes invite students to experiment with the full range of yogic tools stretching from vigorous asana practice to breathing techniques, meditation, deep listening, Sanskrit chanting, and a vegan life style as an expression of non-violence. She hopes that through play and creativity we can re-awaken our connection to human and non-human animals, mother nature and life itself, revealing yoga as an art of peaceful coexistence. Nora is also exploring nada yoga (the yoga of sound) by studying the didgeridoo, an exciting journey into breath and pure sound vibration, and will be sharing in Friday night's Kirtan.

Pashupa Goodwin :

Pashupa Goodwin

Pashupa is a Jivamukti Yoga teacher who completed his training in 2011. He has been living in NYC and working at the Jivamukti Yoga Center in Union Square as website editor since 2012. His is loved for his unique playlists, solid sequences, and Thai massage inspired assists. He is the organizer of Jiva Jam! He is know for his photography of farm animals and yogis... www.derekpashupagoodwin.com

Ray Ippolito :

Ray Ippolito

Ray Ippolito is a multi-instrumentalist producer and teacher who has performed world wide with artists such as Krisna Das, Jai Uttal, Donna Delory, WAH!, Mickey Hart and many others. He has performed for 5 Rhythms, Shamanic Journey work, Yoga workshops (Shiva Rea, Sharon Gannon/ David Life, Saul David Rae, many others), meditations and various retreats (www.rayippolito.com). Ray has also been a very active force in the Animal Liberation movement for the past 14 years involved in everything from lectures at colleges/universities, People's Climate March, etc., to countless public protest demonstrations at fur stores, circuses, aquariums, slaughterhouses, lobbying in Washington DC, rescue, fund raising, a highly effective Vegan mentor and is tirelessly advocating for a world free of animal exploitation on a daily basis..

Sarah Quintana :

Sarah Quintana

My name is Sarah Quintana and I am a vocalist/composer from New Orleans.  I turned to Jivamukti yoga 10 years ago as a way to process the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina.  It took me years to understand the significance of the event and I attempt to convey this musically in my latest project, MISS RIVER, duets with water, coming out this fall.

Southeast Louisiana flooded my heart and my home to become the medium of my music and keeper of my hope in a place where we are sinking.  I care about the land we live on, which is disappearing at an alarming rate.  I care about the animals, plants and people that are a part of our community of life.   I care about the music . . . so much.  And I could go on . . . and on . . . about the Mississippi River as Radha with her ceaseless singing.  So, I dedicated myself to making a record that fits into an ecosystem, reflecting that love.

Shakai Shepard :

Shakai Shepard

Shakai Shepard is the founder of Vital Alchemy Acupuncture and a licensed practitioner of East Asian medicine. She has a background in social psychology and archeological anthropology from Columbia University and holds a Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese medicine. Her teachers and inspiration come from a varied pool of Psychotherapists, practitioners of Shamanism, Western medical Physicians and Doctors of East Asian medicine. An active Vegan/ Animal Liberation advocate Shakai has been instrumental in using her skills as a healer to bring clarity and connection to her clients of the benefits of a life free of animal products at her offices in NYC and Kingston NY.

Siewli Stark :

Siewli Stark

Siewli was a child advocate for two years before teaching yoga and mindfulness to kids. Since 2013, she has taught yoga in preschools, public schools, as well as children with special needs. In addition to sharing yoga with children, Siewli currently teaches yoga to adults at community centers, and young women with special needs throughout New York City.

She received her kids yoga teacher certification from Yogi Beans, and also studied with Sonia Sumar and became a Yoga For the Special Child practitioner. Siewli received her 200-hour adult yoga teacher training from Exhale Spa.

Tamar Samir :

Tamar Samir

Tamar teaches an immersive vinyasa flow that is meditative and uplifting. Tamar sets the tone for her class with an ambient, atmospheric soundscape that takes you deep inside. Tamar is known for her calming voice, her clear instructions, her love of Sanskrit, and her powerful assists. She wishes to challenge, inspire, and empower students with practical insights, compassion, and humor.

Qualifications: Teaching yoga since 2007. Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher with over 1000 hours of training. Mentor in the Jivamukti Apprenticeship program since 2011. Professor at Parsons, the New School for Design since 2001. Creative Director & visual artist.

Website: www.tamarsamiryoga.com

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