Jiva Jam

Jiva Jam

A yoga retreat with the animals at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. Yoga, music, workshops, vegan food, nature, farm animals, and more!

A Yoga Retreat with the Animals of Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Join us at the new location of the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in High Falls, NY for a weekend of yoga, workshops, music, vegan food, and chillin' with farm animals.

Featuring yoga classes with John Smirtc, Julie Kirkpatrick, Tamar Samir, Nora Heilmann, Pashupa Goodwin, Siewli Stark, Jamie Tancredie and Kendra Renzoni. Evening Tea Lounge with Bajrang Tea featuring an Open Jam Kirtan, New Orleans singer-songwriter Sarah Quintana, sound-healing vibrations from the Binaural Beat Brothers..

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